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The risk of falling victim to a cybercrime is a serious and growing threat for businesses worldwide. Any company, regardless of size, that uses the internet or smartphones in its business operation is vulnerable. According to a recent estimate, the annual cost of cybercrime in the United States is more than $100 billion. In response to this increase, countries have begun enacting cybersecurity laws and regulations that most businesses are required to comply with.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this one day course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why businesses should be concerned about cyber crime risk;
  • Define common types of cyber crimes that may impact a business;
  • Discuss enterprise risk management techniques that businesses can use to protect themselves against cyber crime;
  • Identify common information security protocols that can reduce the risk of a cyber attack;
  • Describe the limited coverage that may be provided for cyber losses in standard commercial property, liability, and crime policies;
  • Identify provisions and features that are commonly found in cyber risk policies, and;
  • Discuss the coverages available in specialized cyber risk policies.

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