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Are you looking to develop a specific skill-and-knowledge set and only want to study what is relevant to you? Each Skills Unit focuses on specific competencies — meaning that, if you want to, you only need to study units that cover what is directly relevant to your professional development needs.

In today’s ever-changing and competitive insurance landscape, the need for insurance professionals to participate in ongoing education, training and professional development in order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date is essential to achieving personal career goals.

While there is still a need for traditional semester-style study, the time commitment required often puts an unnecessary burden on already busy professionals, and the skills learnt are not always practical or relevant to the day-to-day responsibilities of someone working in insurance. Recognising this and in partnership with the insurance industry, ANZIIF has launched its new model of education: ANZIIF Skills Units.

The newly developed Skills Units offer students the flexibility to study where, when and what best suits them.

Units are formally recognised, delivered fully online and completed in just five weeks (four weeks of learning and one week of assessment per unit) or seven weeks (six weeks of learning and one week of assessment). Students can choose to complete the Skills Units that offer the specific training and skills they need as standalone courses or, if they desire, combine units to attain a full professional qualification, such as the Diploma of Insurance Broking.

Units are built around case-based interactive scenarios that are directly applicable to the workplace. At the conclusion of each unit, learning is assessed through the application of knowledge to real-world scenarios that reflect situations commonly experienced by insurance professionals.


Q. What are ANZIIF Skills Units?

A. ANZIIF Skills Units are flexible, fully online and delivered in ‘bite-sized’ chunks of five weeks (four weeks of learning and one week of assessment) or seven weeks (six weeks of learning and one week of assessment).

Q. What makes the ANZIIF Skills Units different?

A. ANZIIF Skills Units give students the option to either complete only the units that offer the specific skills and training they need OR combine units to attain a professional qualification.

Q. Are ANZIIF Skills Units formally recognised?

A. All ANZIIF Skills Units are FNS15-compliant. ANZIIF is a registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), ensuring ANZIIF professional qualifications are recognised and meet all compliance and regulatory guidelines. This will not change if a professional qualification is attained by combining ANZIIF Skills Units.

Q. I sometimes find it challenging to fit in study with work and family life. Are the ANZIIF Skills Units offered via flexible study options?

A. Yes. ANZIIF Skills Units are offered fully online, allowing you to study where and when best suits you.

Q. How do I know that the content of ANZIIF Skills Units is relevant to my needs and of high quality?

A. ANZIIF has developed its Skills Units in conjunction with industry experts, and constantly reviews material for relevance, ensuring quality control of the highest standard.

Q. How are ANZIIF Skills Units assessed for competency?

A. ANZIIF Skills Units are assessed via application of knowledge to real-world case studies, which are directly applicable to specific job roles and skills.

Q. How many Skills Units do I need to complete to attain a professional qualification?

A. To find out how many Skills Units you need to complete for a specific professional qualification, please contact our Customer Service team.

Q. Where can I find more information on ANZIIF Skills Units?

A. For more information and to discuss your specific situation, needs and requirements, contact IIEA’s Customer Service team on + 254 (0) 723 334 408 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We offer the following Skills Units. Choose any which suites your work or professional development requirements:



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